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7 TM Power Tour XR mit Step-In Telemarkbindung

The heel re-tension system of the 7tmPowerTour is much more active now. A second pivot point like the 7tm Power was added and this provides more then 35% of higher activity and performance than the preceding 7tmTour!

Get Two in One: For skiing in the lower active AllMtn position with neutral skiing performance, only remove the Power Bar of the new, additional pivot point. Without any tool! Switch the binding into the uphill mode, pull out the Power Bar– and go! Remount it in the same way to get back into the Power position.

The 7tm-PowerTour is constructed in such a way that it is possible to lift your heel without having to flex your boot. Once you are in the uphill mode, the pivot point of the toe cup is right at the tip of your boot – similar to an Alpine Touring binding. This means less resistance and more energy for making turns.

Skinning uphill with the 7tm-PowerTour – compared with a traditional tele binding – saves as much energy per 100 m vertical ascent as if you were to lift approx 11Kg.

When skinning up steeper slopes, a zig zag type up track requires a sharp turn at every change of direction. Snap kick turns are commonly used for these transitions.

Before you start to ski down, you simply lock the patent binding’s touring mechanism with a small lever and take off!

Proven release mechanism: All 7tm-„releasable“models are the worlds only releasable telemark bindings tested and approved by the German TUV according to DIN/ISO standards. Also a forward-shear release is included .

Features: • Raiser included! – Standing height of about 33 mm above the ski. • Range of boot size adjustment UK. 4,5 – 12,5 • DIN setting 4 to 11


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